Royal Rubies

Royal Rubies

Book Title: Royal Rubies

Author: Adrian Tinniswood

Format: Hardback | 184 pages

Publication Date: 15 Jun 2018

ISBN-13: 9783897905184

The royal ruby parure worn by HRH Crown Princess Mary of Denmark is a delicate piece of craftsmanship dating back to the early nineteenth century. The beautiful set was transferred in 2010 to the Danish jewellery company Dulong Fine Jewelry for one of the century's most extensive restoration projects. Nina Hald has followed this process in detail and provides a fascinating insight into the goldsmith's craft and the development of a new set. This publication details the historic context of the ruby set's origin of creation - a time when every woman of standing would own one - and the history of its transmission from generation to generation in the royal families of Sweden and Denmark. Moreover the author devotes a whole chapter to the ruby itself and another to the cultural history of the colour red.