Idiot's Guides: Making Natural Beauty Products

Idiot's Guides: Making Natural Beauty Products

Book Title: Idiot's Guides: Making Natural Beauty Products

Author: Julie Gabriel

Format: Paperback | 256 pages

Publication Date: 03 Sep 2013

ISBN-13: 9781615644124

This highly visual hands-on guide teaches readers how to make skincare, makeup, and many more personal-care and beauty products using natural ingredients. Step-by-step color photos guide readers through basic beauty recipes, followed by more than 200 color and blend variations. Readers with sensitive skin, as well as those who want to save money and avoid harmful chemicals, will find everything they need to get started making their own luxurious beauty products:

- 200 recipes and formulas for natural facial and body-care products, fully illustrated in color.

- Step-by-step guidance through the foundational recipes, showing tools, ingredients, and techniques.

- Shopping lists and suppliers for natural ingredients, including essential oils, butters, clays, minerals, colors, and fragrances.

- Basics and recipes for creating mineral foundations, color correctors, and concealers.

- Formulas for skin-healing balms, creams, and oils.

- Products for men, including shaving products, powders, moisturizers, facial care, foot care, and massage oil.