The Book Of Inkscape

The Book Of Inkscape

Book Title: The Book Of Inkscape

Author: Majed Marji

Format: Paperback | 472 pages

Publication Date: 27 Oct 2009

ISBN-13: 9781593271817

This is it. The complete and definitive guide to Inkscape, the free, vector-based graphics editor that competes with expensive drawing programs like Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW.

In The Book of Inkscape, core Inkscape developer Dmitry Kirsanov shares his design experience and knowledge of Inkscape's inner workings as he walks you through the basics of using the program: drawing, working with objects, transformations and styling, adding text and shapes, and more. Kirsanov couples his detailed explanations with step-by-step tutorials that show you how to create business cards, animations, and technical and artistic drawings.

In addition to the basics, Kirsanov teaches you how to:

Navigate the canvas and customize your workspace and viewsCreate new objects and then transform, style, clone, and combine themUse drawing tools, strokes, and B├ęzier curvesUse gradients, patterns, filters, and path effects to liven up your workUse the XML Editor to view and manipulate the structure of your artworkWork with layers, groups, object order, and locks to control your imagesExport your artwork to various formats

This practical guide will show you how to harness Inkscape's powerful features to produce anything from a child's doodle to high-end, professional design projects. Now go ahead and draw something fun.