Complete Digital Slr Handbook* No Rights

Complete Digital Slr Handbook* No Rights

Book Title: Complete Digital Slr Handbook* No Rights

Author: Sasha Wolf

Format: Paperback | 187 pages

Publication Date: 01 Sep 2012

ISBN-13: 9781565237179

The explosion in affordable digital SLRs has given many amateur photographers the chance to own a truly powerful camera for the first time. But with great power comes great complexity. The latest models are packed with features and controls that can appear bewildering to even experienced photographers. This special handbook will teach SLR owners everything they need to know to get the best from their equipment. It demonstrates how to master advanced controls and turn the dial away from Auto to take full control of the photographic process. Step-by-step guides enable readers to tackle popular subjects head on, with real-world advice and tips on getting the best possible shot. The book starts with the basics, offering a digital SLR crash course on essential skills. Both beginners new to SLRs and experienced users looking for a refresher course will find plenty of great tips on exposure, depth of field, shutter speed and movement. Readers learn to understand composition and see like a photographer to find great shots. Everyone wants to take great photographs, and this book shows how to stop wasting shots and make every shot a winner, with expert advice on settings, sharpness, and exposure. Readers will discover important techniques, and learn how to fix common problems. A wealth of expert advice is provided on taking control of focus, mastering AF points, picking the right spot, and more. In-depth reviews of accessory gear compare and evaluate the leading brands, from telephoto zoom lenses to macro flashes. The book also offers forty pages of Photoshop editing advice, with step-by-step lessons that explain creative techniques for transforming photos after the shoot. Readers learn to adjust color, contrast, exposure, depth, and more with a minimum of time and effort, to make their photos as good as they possibly can be. The Complete Digital SLR Handbook comes with a free CD that backs up the Photoshop lessons with step-by-step video tutorials. The disk includes all of the original photographs that readers will need to work along with the book on their own computers.