Working with Routers

Working with Routers

Book Title: Working with Routers

Author: "Fine Woodworking" Magazine

Format: Paperback | 154 pages

Publication Date: 07 Oct 2004

ISBN-13: 9781561586851

For most woodworkers, the router is an essential power tool because it can do so much. Add a router table and you can cut miles of moulding, machine fine joints, and do all these tasks with precision and ease. The chapters in this book cover all the different types of router and router tables and how to use them successfully, as well as in-depth coverage of a wide variety of router techniques Topics covered include: - Router safety and maintenance - Choosing bits - Joinery and Decoration - - Making and using router jigs - Router tables - Router template basics - - Creating a no-frills horizontal or bench-mounted router table - * First title in Taunton's new full colour series: THE NEW BEST OF FINE WOODWORKING, based on articles from the world's leading woodworking magazine.