Graduation: Life Lessons of a Professional Footballer

Graduation: Life Lessons of a Professional Footballer

Book Title: Graduation: Life Lessons of a Professional Footballer

Author: Kobe Bryant

Format: Paperback | 228 pages

Publication Date: 06 Jan 2012

ISBN-13: 9780957051126

The 2010/11 season will go down as a memorable one for Goalkeeper Richard Lee.

After more than ten years at Watford FC, Richard signed for League One outfit Brentford FC, but soon found himself cast aside. Dropped after one game and behind three other goalkeepers before he would get another opportunity - Richard would take on his toughest challenge to date! Cup wins, penalty saves, hypnotherapy and injury would follow, but these things only tell a small part of the tale.

Suffering from acute mental anxiety throughout his career pushed Richard into making a choice between fight or flight. Could he overcome his fears or take the easy road out and quit? Fortunately for Brentford fans, he chose to fight. Throughout this book, Richard shares his understanding of the mind and how to apply it for high-level performance.

Filled with anecdotes, insights, humour and honesty - Graduation uncovers Richard's campaign to take back the number one spot, save a lot of penalties, and overcome new challenges. What we see is a transformation - beautifully encapsulated in this extraordinary season.