Understanding and Training Your Cat or Kitten

Understanding and Training Your Cat or Kitten

Book Title: Understanding and Training Your Cat or Kitten

Author: Gregory Popovich

Format: Paperback | 292 pages

Publication Date: 30 Jun 2006

ISBN-13: 9780865345096

What do you do to promote harmonious relations when your cat hates your fiancé? How do you raise kittens that will interact well with children? How do cats learn? Can you teach your cat to ring the doorbell or play dead? Are some cats despots? How do you know if a cat is depressed? Stressed? Sick? Happy? In fourteen information-packed chapters, H. Ellen Whiteley, D.V.M., answers these and hundreds of other vital questions. Each chapter includes a letter from a concerned cat owner and Dr. Whiteley's advice to that owner. Whiteley draws upon her experience as a house-call veterinarian for felines and her years as a pet columnist for publications such as "The Saturday Evening Post," "Woman's World," "Cats," and others to write a book filled with interesting and insightful anecdotes about patients, clients, and readers that will keep you turning pages long after you've discovered the answers to your specific questions. H. Ellen Whiteley, D.V.M., is the author of "Understanding and Training Your Dog or Puppy," "Animals and Other Teachers" and the coauthor of "Women in Veterinary Medicine: Profiles of Success," all from Sunstone Press, as well as "Train Your Dog in No Time" from Que Publishing. She has been a veterinarian for over thirty years, with job descriptions as diverse as military veterinarian and national rabies awareness spokesperson. Whiteley founded Cat Clinic of Amarillo, Texas, and at the time was the only veterinarian in her locality to offer house-call services for cats. An avid hiker, Whiteley has trekked in Nepal and climbed Africa's Kilimanjaro. She and her husband George live in Guadalupita, New Mexico. For more information, visit her website: www.DrWhiteley.com