Training Your Pet Ferret

Training Your Pet Ferret

Book Title: Training Your Pet Ferret

Author: Kim Schilling

Format: Paperback | 96 pages

Publication Date: 18 Mar 2010

ISBN-13: 9780764142239

Ferrets have become increasingly popular as pets in recent years, and although many books about ferrets are now available, this revised and updated guide is unique in that it specifically concentrates on training methods. Furry, cuddly, and bursting with energy, lovable ferrets can be a handful for inexperienced owners. The authors instruct on training methods that really work, pointing out that effective training can start anytime, whether owners adopt an adult ferret or purchase a baby as a kit. They offer tips on protecting the ferret from household hazards, as well as protecting carpets and houseplants from a ferret's tendency to claw and dig. They also provide helpful information on housing, equipment, feeding, health care, and more. New in this edition is a chapter on clicker training, a humane and effective way to solve ferret behavior problems. Also new is information on training special needs pets--hearing-impaired and sight-impaired animals. Filled with color photos.