Cognitive Behavioural Coaching Techniques For Dummies

Cognitive Behavioural Coaching Techniques For Dummies

Book Title: Cognitive Behavioural Coaching Techniques For Dummies

Author: Michael Neenan

Format: Paperback | 400 pages

Publication Date: 06 Mar 2012

ISBN-13: 9780470713792

Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (CBC) takes the highly effective techniques and principles of CBT off the therapists couch and in to the work place and the home. Whether you're already a coach, interested in becoming one or new to the subject; this friendly guide covers the origins and principles of Cognitive Behavioural Coaching and walks you step-by-step through the coaching process. The book explains how to use the tools and techniques of CBC to challenge negative thinking, make positive changes, achieve goals and improve effectiveness in your personal and professional life. Coverage includes:* The principles and the basics of CBC* The Attributes of the CB Coach and the CBC Process* The CBC toolkit for Work and Life* Exploring Potential and working with Relationships* Managing Career Transitions and maintaining Peak Performance About the author Helen Whitten is an experienced and accredited coach, facilitator, mediator and writer. She is the Founder and Managing Director of Positiveworks London, a consultancy company providing coaching and development programmes to people in the public and private sector throughout the world.