Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet

Book Title: Romeo and Juliet

Author: Mary Shelley

Format: Paperback | 448 pages

Publication Date: 14 Oct 2016

ISBN-13: 9780393926262

By carefully selecting extracts from sources, scholars and scriptwriters, Gordon McMullan tells a series of stories about Romeo and Juliet, globally and from their legend's origins to the present day.

This edition includes: Introductory materials and explanatory annotations by Gordon McMullan as well as numerous images; Sources and early rewritings by Luigi Da Porto, Matteo Bandello, Pierre Boaistuau, Kareen Klein and Thomas Otway, amongst others; Critical readings and later rewritings spanning four centuries and including those by Stanley Wells, Wendy Wall, Dympna C. Callaghan, Jill L. Levenson, Niamh Cusack, David Tennant and Courtney Lehmann. A Selected Bibliography is also included.